Courses designed to upgrade your teamwork for a complex and changing world

Collaborate Effectively | Distribute Leadership Unleash Collective Intelligence

Do you feel your existing ways of working in and leading teams are no longer adequte for today's complex and changing world?

✓ Would you like to leave behind the stress of painful meetings, unclear decision-making, unresolved conflicts... ?
✓ Do you sense that there must be better ways to work together in teams and your organisation as a whole?
✓ Are you confused about how to go about finding out what these better ways are?


✓ Would you love a simple, clear, step-by-step guide to:
✓ learn how to upgrade your teamwork & organisation
✓ discover which options would best fit your team
✓ implement those options to collaborate effectively, distribute leadership & unleash collective intelligence in your team so that it is more able to survive and thrive in our complex and changing world?

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LEARN How to Upgrade your Teamwork for a Complex & Changing World with this online course


"I know there are better ways of working in this 'new world of work'. But there are so many people peddling their own tools or methods- they are full of jargon and all promise they are the best thing since sliced bread!
It’s confusing and I'd love an overview to understand what the different options actually mean to me and how to choose between them for the best one's for my team."

Here's What You'll Learn

This course will enable you to:
    • explain to others, with clarity and confidence, 2 proven pathways to upgrade your teamwork and whole organisation

    • understand the underlying paradigm shifts involved and why teamwork needs to evolve for today's complex and changing world

    • decide if you want to take the next step on this journey of upgrading your teamwork.

This course will cover:

How high performing teams which operate in a conventional management hierarchy lack the key deeply collaborative and agile capacities required to survive and thrive in today's complex and fast-changing conditions. 

How there is no magic bullet or single solution here; these capacities cannot be quickly added by adopting a new piece of software or bolting on a new process to your existing team. Rather that work needs to be done to create the conditions for these capacities to emerge- just like compost takes time to mature into fertile soil from which plants can grow.

How the collection of tools and processes in the Effective Collaboration Toolkit or in Self-Organising Systems can create these conditions for these collaborative and agile capacities to emerge.

LEARN How to Upgrade your Teamwork for a Complex & Changing World : Course Outline

This is the first of a series of 5 online courses which lays the groundwork for the other four forthcoming courses:


Is this Course for Me?

Whether you are a team member/ manager/ leader: if you feel like you lose the will to live in meetings; would like more clarity about how decisions get made; are frustrated that the potential of your people and collective intelligence are not being realised in your team; then it's likely that the way you work together isn't adequate.
And that it needs to be brought up-to-date for what's required for our complex and changing world.
If you sense that there must be better ways to work, but aren't sure how to find out about or choose from the bewildering array of options on offer, or if you do know about some and would like to find out about more options, then this course is for you!

The Risks of Not Upgrading your Teamwork

If you are already suffering from your team not being able to cope with the complexity and change in the world, then with the pace at which the world is changing, this is only going to get worse. 
Your team's ability to cope with the forthcoming disruptions will fall further behind what is actually needed from your team, leading to more of the same, but worse!

“If You Always Do What You've Always Done, You'll Always Get What You've Always Got.”
Henry Ford

About Your Instructor- Nick Osborne

Welcome to Evolving Organisation- we are thrilled that you are here!

Since the mid 1990's I have been studying, researching, experimenting with, practicing and training people how to improve how they work togther in teams and organisations. I've worked with thousands of people over the years and am now distilling the lessons I've learned into this series of online courses in Upgrading your Teamwork that you now have access to... all designed to help you improve how well your teams are adapted to surviving and thriving in our complex and changing world. My purpose is to inspire, equip and support changemakers to make changes- are you such a changemaker?

Nick Osborne, Founder, Evolving Organisation


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