LEVEL 3.4 Creating a Collaborative Culture

Nick Osborne

Understand & notice different cultural patterns in your organisation, identify those which undermine/support collaboration & learn to cultivate the conditions where collaboration is more likely to flourish

Learning Objectives

  • Understand how culture is created in 3 patterns of organisation: hierarchy, collaborative & agile
  • Understand the distinctions between Task/Process/Relationship, notice any cultural bias/imbalances in your organisational culture and create a balance between them
  • Identify 5 different types of ground rules/group agreements and choose the one that best fits your context
  • Understand features of controlling & collaborative communication models, identify what you see in your organisation and start to develop a shared language about how communication is done
  • Learn 11 group agreements which create the conditions for collaboration and how to start using them
  • Use a 5-step process for managing/transform conflict and adopt it as a conflict management/transformation policy.

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