4.1 Choose a Self-Organising System

Nick Osborne

Understand the distinctions between bespoke ways of self-organising and self-organising systems and identify which approach/system would most likely fit best for your organisation

Learning Objectives

  • Compare & contrast the distinctions between bespoke/homegrown approaches to self-organisation such as those included in the book Reinventing Organizations and self-organising systems
  • Appreciate an evolutionary perspective on how self-organising systems have evolved
  • Define & compare key features of self-organising systems including Holacracy, Sociocracy, S3, the Symbiotic Enterprise, the For Purpose Enterprise
  • Understand different methods of introducing and adopting self-organising systems
  • Evaluate whether a bespoke approach or an off-the shelf self-organising system would likely most fit best for your organisation
  • Appraise how well different self-organising systems would most likely fit best for your organisation and identify the best fit
  • Identify which method of introducing and adopting a self-organising system would work best for your organisation.


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