Lead your own half-day ‘Intro to Self-Management’ Workshop–Online Course

Nick Osborne

Prepare & lead a half-day 'Intro Self-Management' Workshop using template materials or customise for your own purposes.

Would you like to/do you need to introduce self-management to people in your organisation but you aren't sure how? Or maybe you do know how, but you don't have the time/resources to design a workshop and create the materials from scratch? Or maybe you'd like to run a public workshop? 

If you already know how to do it but don't want to put the work into creating a workshop and materials then this course is for you! If you don't know much about the field, then the Introduction to Conscious Collaboration & Self-Organisation & Psychological Safety in the Transition to Self-Organisation courses will give you the background knowledge you need, to be able to this course to lead your own half-day 'Intro to Self-Management Workshop'. This workshop is best run in-person, but could be adapted to deliver in an online format.

Deliver the standard version or customise your own

With the surge of interest in self-management there's increasing demand for people to learn about it, but not everyone has the know-how or resources to design the necessary learning experiences and materials from scratch.

This course takes the effort and pain from designing a workshop and creating materials. Use the templates that have been successfully delivered before and customise if needed.

This course will enable you to...

  • fully prepare to lead a 3.5 hour 'Intro to Self-Management' workshop with a minimum of effort using the template workshop design, with full instructions for delivery, presentation and script
  • or customise the template design and presentation to prepare your own version of the workshop as you like
  • lead the workshop using the provided design and presentation; a narrated version of the presentation is included if you don't want to present it yourself, or you can use the script or you can use your own version
  • identify questions about how to do this in your organisation, which are answered in future courses or by joining a Monthly Coaching Call.

What’s included

  • Guidance on what you need to know to prepare deliver the workshop
  • Downloadable and customisable 4-page Facilitator Guide as a Word document with full instructions for how to lead the workshop with details of timings, how to run each part and what materials you will need at which point
  • Customisable Power Point slide with Agenda
  • Narrated Prezi presentation which can be used either with or without the embedded narration
  • Downloadable and customisable 5-page script as a Word document which can be used to deliver the presentation.

Course Instructor

Nick Osborne

With over 25 years experience self-organising in private, public and non-profit sectors; employed, freelance, as an entrepreneur and volunteer; with organisations including Shell, Learning and Skills Improvement Service and the Princes Trust; in the UK, Europe, North and South America Nick is now distilling his learning about collaboration, self-organisation, self-management and self-organising systems into this suite of online courses.

He was the first Certified Holacracy Coach in the UK, is the only European-based  partner at HolacracyOne, is a partner with Evolution at Work, has an MSc in Management Development  & Social Responsibility and co-led the development of the Self-Organising System for the Extinction Rebellion UK.

If you aren’t fully satisfied with the course then get in touch within 30 days for a full refund.

If the course price is too high because you are doing purpose-led work or because of where you live- then get in touch to request a bursary via the gift economy.



Module 1 Getting Set Up
Unit 1 What You Need to Know to Deliver this Workshop
Module 2 Facilitator Guide
Unit 1 Download & Customise Your Facilitator Guide
Module 3 Resources
Unit 1 Presentation
Unit 2 Download & Customise Your Script for the Presentation
Unit 3 Course Feedback