LEVEL 2- Discover where your organisation wants to go beyond hierarchy

Nick Osborne

Identify needs & design & communicate your approach to leading change

Learning Objectives

  • Articulate the reasons why you think there's a need to bring more collaborative or self-organising ways of working into your organisation- what problems does it need to solve? What's the value you want to see created?
  • Use a diagnostic to identify which tools/processes/systems would work best to achieve the kinds of changes you would like to see in your organisation
  • Share information about more collaborative and self-organising ways of working and listen to responses from people in your organisation
  • Use a group diagnostic to surface perspectives about 3 patterns of power in your organisation
  • Review & integrate all information sensed so far and identify the kinds of changes you would like to see in your organisation
  • Create a plan/roadmap for how to make the changes
  • Provide a clear rationale/set of reasons for why you are deciding to choose these options and implement them with your plan and the benefits you think it will bring to the organisation
  • Document & clearly communicate each of the above to others- with materials to support if needed
  • Introduce feedback processes/metrics to assess progress

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