The Era of Self-Organisation Beyond Hierarchy is Here

Few people really understand it. Even fewer can truly practice. There’s a new story unfolding. About how humans organise. How we work together to achieve a purpose. It’s a story of flow... tension, alignment, difference, autonomy, constraints, unleashing collective intelligence. This new story includes self-organisation, wholeness & evolutionary purpose… Whether you call it Teal, or evolution, or upgrading, or simply getting on with it; it’s happening whether you like it or not. And we all face the choice; of either adapting or fading away. Join us on a journey. Into this new, unfamiliar, confusing landscape. Where we all need guides. To help us differentiate from what we take for granted, connect with each other in new ways, adapt to the unpredictable. And evolve how we learn, work and live together. This process cannot be hurried. We are invited to pause. Slow down and fully engage. For what could be more important. Than to truly and deeply participate in life unfolding. Evolving how we learn, work and live together.
What is Self-Organisation Beyond Hierarchy? 

As it becomes increasingly apparent that the conventional management hierarchy is no longer adequate for today's volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous conditions, two other patterns of self-organisation are emerging beyond hierarchy: collaborative and agile. These patterns include the constituent parts of self-management, self-organisation and self-organising systems. This page explains some of these key terms.

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Conscious Collaboration

Where people want to use specific tools or processes to replace top-down hierarchy with more collaborative, inclusive and participatory ways of working, without replacing the whole management structure.

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These terms or often used interchangeably: where some management functions are decentralised into self-managed teams which are empowered to work more autonomously and with less managerial oversight and control than in a conventional management hierarchy.

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Self-Organising Systems

Where leadership and management functions are distributed across a whole organisation as part of a coherent system. The most popular systems of self-organisation practices are Holacracy®, Sociocracy, S3 and the Viable Systems Model and there are many organisations which create their own versions. Online courses for how to choose/adopt/ create your own self-organising system are under development and coming soon.

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Systems of Systems

No system can completely meet all of an organisation's evolutionary needs by itself. As self-organisation practices mature in an organisation, gaps emerge which reveal the need for combining multiple systems/practices/tools/ processes/models such as Holacracy, Matrix Leadership, Language of Spaces into a coherent combination such as in the Symbiotic Enterprise or For Purpose Enterprise. Online courses for how to mature your self-organisation practices into a coherent system of systems are under development and coming soon. 

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