Get trained as a Self-Organization Coach through piloting the adoption of Self-Organizing Practices in an 8-month program in your organisation

Do you want to try out Self-Organization in a team in your organisation- whilst getting trained on how to lead adoption in future teams?

If you want to discover whether Self-Organization would work in your organisation by piloting it with a team; whilst building the capacity of someone in your organisation to lead the same process with other teams in the future- then get a Self-Organization Coach trained up!

This program does both things at the same time. By taking a team step-by-step through the process of adopting Self-Organizing Practices over an 8-month period, you'll get a sense of if/whether/how this would work for other teams in your organisation. And at the same time, you'll get someone in your team trained up to lead it with those teams. 

BUILD INTERNAL CAPACITY in your organisation to ADOPT New Ways of Working through an 8-month pilot

Program Aims & Contents

This 8-month training program will develop the capacity of one person in your organisation to:
    • INTRODUCE the concept of Self-Organizing, and reasons for adopting it, to teams in your organisation
    • ASSESS the READINESS for adopting new practices and what type of approach would best fit your organisation
    • PILOT the adoption of Self-Organizing Practices in one team
    • DECIDE whether to go ahead with adopting in more teams, and if so, then LEAD the ADOPTION of Self-Organizing Practices in multiple teams in your organisation- as a Self-Organization Coach
The program includes
    1. Conducting a READINESS ASSESSMENT with 1 team
    2. Monthly online SELF-ORGANIZATION WORKSHOPS for a team which introduce new Self-Organizing Practices & set homework to try new practices for the month 
    3. Monthly online SHADOW-COACHING of the Facilitation of 1 team meeting per month to teach good facilitation and meeting practices
    4. Weekly online COACHING SESSIONS for the Self-Organization Coach to answer questions and support them to support their team to adopt new ways of working 
    5. EMAIL/MESSAGING SUPPORT  for the Self-Organization Coach
    6. COPIES OF ALL MATERIALS/TEMPLATES needed to lead other teams through the process
    7. Online HOLACRACY TRAINING for up to 5 members of your organisation if required
    8. Coaching on choice and use of an online Self-Organization SOFTWARE PLATFORM if required
    9. MEMBERSHIP OF A COHORT of up to 5 organisations so that Self-Organization Coaches can learn from others on similar journey.

This all adds up to approximately 2 days of support for your organisation per month for 8 months.


Program Costs

8-month training program for a self-organization coach + Pilot of self-organizing practices in 1 team


online Holacracy training

$1,140/Approx £850

if required- for a subscription for up to 5 users for 1 year

subscription to software platform

approx £5 per user per month

if required

About Your Expert/Instructor- Nick Osborne

Welcome to Evolving Organisation- we are thrilled that you are here!

Since the mid 1990's I have been studying, researching, experimenting with, practicing and training people how to improve how they work together in teams and organisations. I've worked with thousands of people and have distilled the lessons I've learned into a series of online courses and expert support.

My intention is to help you improve how well your teams are adapted to surviving and thriving in our complex and changing world. My purpose is to inspire, equip and support Changemakers to make changes- are you such a Changemaker?

Nick Osborne Founder, Evolving Organisation

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