Holacracy is a set of practices in which people make meaningful decisions and drive change in pursuit of their shared purpose; by encoding autonomy & agility into their organization’s DNA.
What is Holacracy?

Another way of describing Holacracy is a way of running organisations without managers. The management hierarchy is removed and replaced by a rule-set which applies equally to everyone, where there are no privileged classes, no exceptions; and no person has person power/authority over another person or the system itself. This creates the conditions for a power shift so that self-organisation emerges.

Check out this 2-min animated summary or find out more in our Level 4 Seeing & Transforming Systems online courses. 

Why Holacracy?

Purpose driven: so that purpose is visible and aligned at every level of scale: from organisational purpose - team purpose - individual purpose.

Responsive: everyone in an organisation senses different things, so they need multiple pathways to turn their challenges and opportunities into improvements so the organisation can respond quickly to a fast-changing environment and maintain agility as it scales.

Transparent: Clearly defined roles, responsibilities and power structure creates clear expectations and transparent authority at every level.

Check out this video about why Holacracy is important in 5-mins.

How to do it?

Holacracy can be introduced into your organisation either in small steps, one module at a time, or adopting the Holacracy Constitution all in one go. 

It's best done with the guidance of an expert Certified Holacracy Coach whilst training internal Coaches and Facilitators. 

Or you can choose to 'Do It Yourself'- find out more in our Level 4.2 Bring Holacracy into your Organisation- A Step by Step Guide online course. 

Our Holacracy Services

Our expert, experienced Certified Holacracy Coaches can provide:

  • Presentation: in-person or online, usually 60-90 mins with Q&A
  • Taster workshop: half-day or full-day workshop with introduction & simulated Tactical and Governance Meetings. In-person or online. 
2- DAY Discovery Session

For an executive team to try out Holacracy in your company with your own Holacracy structure and using Holacracy meetings and processes on your real, live day-to-day issues. This should leave members of your team informed about whether Holacracy would be a good fit to adopt in your company.

in-House Practitioner Training 

The best way to accelerate people's learning about Holacracy is for some or all of the people in your organisation to practice together. The Practitioner Training includes an introduction to the basic principles and practices of Holacracy with lots of hand-on practice to learn the fundamentals. It can be delivered in-person over 4.5 days or in an online version in smaller chunks over several weeks. 

Support for Adopting Holacracy/ Improving Practice

From expert Certified Holacracy Coaches to bring Holacracy into your organisation in a way that best fits your current situation and ways of working. Or for improving and deepening Holacracy practice in your organisation. Delivered as consulting or if you adopt Holacracy DIY without expert support, this online course will provide the basics for a DIY adoption: Level 4.2 Bring Holacracy into your Organisation- A Step by Step Guide.