Are Your Paradigms Shifting?

Ok so you see the world is changing, you've read some of the books (here, here & here) & watched some of the videos (here & here) about the New World of Work, and accepted that your team/organisation needs to evolve to adapt.


So What Now?

You've understood that you can't just throw out your current way of organising without replacing it with an alternative. But how do you figure out which of all these different new ways of working would work best for your situation? And how do you apply them? How to know if they are 'safe enough to try' and a 'good enough fit for you'?

Understand Self-Organizing

Take a short online course or book a bespoke presentation to introduce you to key concepts and enable you to decide if you want to start the self-organizing journey. More...

Assess Your Readiness

Take a short online course or get expert support to enable you to assess how ready your people are to start self-organizing & assess which practices would fit best. More...

Adopt Self-Organizing Practices

Choose from four options to adopt Self-Organizing Practices in your organisation which would fit best for your situation, organisation, culture & budget. Including training your own Self-Organization Coach through piloting new ways of working with a team. More...

Adopt Holacracy

If you think that Holacracy would be the best method of self-organizing for your organisation,  then get expert support from the Premier Provider of Holacracy services in the UK. More...

Deepen Psychological Safety to Support your Self-Organization

Self-Organization requires critical information to flow freely throughout your organisation. Sometimes this requires people 'speaking truth to power'- which often doesn't happen due to a lack of psychological safety. 

Read this series of 9 articles which outlines 7 stages of deepening psychological safety, or take this online workshop or this in-person training in Matrix Leadership.