There's lots of hype and misunderstanding as people get excited by new ways of working with self-management, self-organisation and self-organising systems; lots of experimentation and mistakes. This site provides online courses and coaching along with information about in-person training to help you understand how to navigate and work in this exciting new world of work without falling into the common potholes!

  • Introduction to Conscious Collaboration & Self-Organisation

  • Lead your own Intro to Self-Management Workshop

  • Psychological Safety in the Transition to Self-Organisation.


Matrix Leadership for Professionals: This 4-day course will give you a set of practices to generate a ground of health in the relational matrix and develop individuals’ and teams’ ability to collaborate, work with differences, innovate and unleash their collective intelligence. Matrix Leadership builds relationships based on: a foundation of trust, open communication, transparency, and accountability.


Join a 1-hour monthly group online coaching call or have bespoke 1-1 coaching to explore how principles & practices of self-management/self-organisation apply to you and your organisation.


Where is the Psychological Safety for Speaking Truth to Power in Self-Organisation? 10-part series

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