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Few people really understand it... Even fewer can truly practice... There’s a new story unfolding... About how humans organise... How we work together to achieve a purpose... It’s a story of flow… Of unleashing collective intelligence... ... wholeness & evolutionary purpose… Whether you call it Teal... Or evolution... Or upgrading... Or simply getting on with it... It’s happening whether you like it or not... And we all face the choice... Of either adapting or dying... Join us on a journey... Into this new, unfamiliar, confusing landscape... Where we all need guides... To help us differentiate, connect, adapt... And evolve how we learn, work and live together... This process cannot be hurried... We are invited to pause... Slow down and fully engage... For what could be more important... Than to truly and deeply participate in life unfolding... Evolving how we learn, work and live together.
Responsiveness Clear Power Structures Decentralised Power & Decision Making Distributed Authority Purpose Alignment Autonomy Transparency Flexibility

Empowerment For a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex & Ambiguous World Agility Adaptability Collaboration Tools | Self Management | Self-Organising Systems Purpose Alignment Collective Intelligence Balance of Autonomy & Constraints
Before COVID-19 agility, resilience and adaptability in teams and organisations were seen as progressive and optional.
Now these capacities are critical- do you need to upgrade how your team works together?
Welcome to Evolving Organisation! We have online courses & coaching, consulting, a blog and more to equip you to do this.



Matrix Leadership for Professionals: This 5-session online course will give you a set of practices to generate a ground of health in the relational matrix and develop individuals’ and teams’ ability to collaborate, work with differences, innovate and unleash their collective intelligence. Matrix Leadership builds relationships based on: a foundation of trust, open communication, transparency, and accountability.


9-part series on: Where is the Psychological Safety for Speaking Truth to Power in Self-Organisation?  with 7 ways for creating increasing levels of depth of psychological safety.

Teamwork Beyond Hierarchy

Once you decide to self-organise beyond hierarchy, unless you have something to replace the management hierarchy with, you are likely to suffer under the tyranny of structurelessness.

And if you want to replace it, then there are lots of options: combining a myriad of collaboration tools, adopting a self-organising system, creating your own unique version of self-organisation...


If you want to learn about and adopt one of the most popular and successful self-organising systems, we have:


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