Are you missing out on the untapped potential in your team? Are you tired of your team struggling with unclear decision-making and ambiguous expectations wasting time and causing frustration - even though most team members are doing well enough individually?
We equip teams with untapped potential to transform wasted time and frustration into Team Clarity & Faster Decision-Making in 3 steps in 3 months. 
So your team can build the foundations of high performance by becoming:
More Effective

Save 1 hour per week per team member/approx £20,000 per year for a team of 20 people 
(on an average UK salary).

More Empowered

Team members feel greater meaning, purpose and fulfilment in their work because they are empowered to contribute their talents  and creativity.


Your team becomes more resilient and innovative and so more able to adapt & evolve in response to today’s fast-changing, complex and unstable world- just like a living system.


The cost of confusion & lack of clarity in Underperforming Teams

Have you noticed that when you get a bunch of smart people in a room together, the combined effectiveness and intelligence seems to go DOWN rather than up- unless certain things are in place?

It's not your fault, or your team members'- something mysterious happens in the team dynamics when people come together to try and achieve something together!

So much time is wasted by needlessly seeking approval or 

Do your team members avoid taking responsibility for making decisions and waste time checking for approval/agreement when they don't need to? 

And have painful meetings with inefficient decision-making and no clear outcomes?

So much frustration is caused from not knowing what you and others and do and decide and expect 
from each other

Do your team members get confused/frustrated/demotivated because it's unclear if they can do something or rely on someone else to do it? 

It shouldn't be like this

It's too common. 

Too many people suffer from it. 

It doesn't have to be this way. 

It's not Rocket Science. 

It's simple to fix if you know how, and have the right tools.

I've done my time suffering from it & decided to find a better way

Early in my career, I was frustrated by needing to check everything with my managers and felt I could do much better without them.

Later, I felt burdened in leadership positions by others checking too much with me when they didn't need to.

So, I explored flatter, more collaborative ways of working. This was great for getting buy-in and hearing more perspectives, but it took too long.

There just had to be a better way, so I researched and experimented with many different ways of running teams.

I've spent over 25 years searching for it

I have curated and organised my learnings from over 25 years of study (including an MSc in Management Development), research, experimentation, practice, training and consulting using state of the art Social Technologies; including:

All into an easily accessible set of step-by-step online programs for teams to follow.


There is a Simple Way Out

3 Steps to Team Clarity & Faster Decision-Making in 3 months Online Program Program Outline


How it works


It's a Team Program- so all team members go through online materials and do activities to help the learning stick. 

Some activities are done individually, some together in team sessions.

1 or 2 team members are assigned as Course Leads, who lead the team through the program and may attend weekly, optional Coaching sessions. 

Weekly coaching sessions are held with a cohort of course leads from other organisations so that they can learn from each other. 

There are 2 ways to take the program:

  1. Course Leads join a cohort with Leads from other organisations to go through the program together.
  2. Or, we occasionally make exceptions to take one organisation exclusively through the program with its own dedicated sessions.

An Evolving Organisation Trainer leads the Weekly Training sessions for Course Leads. We occasionally have other coaches shadow these sessions to learn how to deliver this program. They normally stay out of the way, in the background, as observers, and they sometimes offer additional perspectives and assist in facilitating the Team Sessions.


What people are saying

A Client Case Study: WITH THANKS TO

The cost of not doing anything

  • Continue wasting time and money- approx £20k a year for a team of 20 on an average UK salary
  • Continue causing frustration among team members and demotivating them
  • Continue missing out on your team members realising their potential
  • Continue your current levels of underperformance and productivity
  • Many people think they can just do it on their own, try and fail, make things worse, and then go back to how they were doing things but having wasted a lot of time, effort and goodwill.

Imagine your team with greater clarity and faster decision-making

Increase team members' autonomy with transparent roles with clearly defined authorities and accountabilities. This leads to higher levels of motivation, engagement, performance, retention and less absenteeism.

When team members on the front line are empowered to make decisions, the team is less held back by bureaucracy and can be more responsive to unexpected changes and customer needs.

The Investment

For Each up to 20 Team Members

Average of 30 mins/week to go through online materials & complete activities.

For Course Lead

90 mins/week attending live group Coaching (optional).
Average 2-4 hrs/week supporting team members to go through program and complete activities.

COST: £4,995 for 20 people = £19 a
week/person/up for 13 weeks

The Savings

For Each up to 20 Team Members

Assume each team member saves approx half hour/week in shorter team meetings.

Also saves half hour/week not checking for permission/consent from others

= Average 1hour/week per team member for up to 20 people. 


Approx £20,000 Per Team, Per Year, For Ever!
Assuming average UK wage approx £20 an hour, working 48 weeks/yr

Fair Pricing Policy


We want our programs to be affordable for everyone, everywhere. 
Our standard prices are for profit-making organizations in the industrialized world.
If these prices are too high due to where you live in the world, or because your organization is not-for-profit or just starting or another reason, then get in touch to let us know what you would consider a fair price for your situation and why, and we’ll consider it ⚖️ 

Your Instructor

Since the mid-1990s, I have been studying, researching, experimenting with, practising and training people how to improve how they work together in teams and organisations. I've worked with thousands of people (including as a Partner with HolacracyOne, the organization that founded Holacracy) and am one of only 7 Holacracy Master Coaches in the world. I have distilled the lessons I've learned into a series of online programmes and expert support.

I lead on projects and work with our Associates/ Apprentices/ peers from a wide network of expertise as needed. Our purpose is to inspire, equip and support Changemakers to make changes by upgrading how well your teams are adapted to surviving and thriving in our complex and changing world.
Nick Osborne Founder, Evolving Organisation

If you Want More Info


Want to run this with your team in your own language? 

We have colleagues who can deliver this program in the following languages in their own countries and are adapting the program to fit their own cultures. These are actually real people, not AI avatars doing AI-generated translations.  

  • Dutch
  • Spanish/Spain
  • Spanish/Latin America
  • Italian
  • German
Let us know if you'd like to know more about running the program in one of these languages or a different one that isn't listed. 

Got Questions? We Have Answers!

Who will have access to the program? 
  • 1 team member can access the materials to lead 1 team, or a single organisation of up to 20 people through this program. Contact us if you are buying for more than this.
Do my team members get access to any materials?
  • Yes. After purchase we will arrange for your team members to join our gamified online course platform to access the materials they need to go through the program.
How long is access for? 
  • 1 year, after which it can be extended if needed on request at no cost. 

How can this program save a team of 20 approx £20,000 a year? 

  • Assuming each person saves at least 1hr per week from checking less for permission/agreement from others/shorter meetings, so making decisions faster. Based on an average hourly rate of £20 for each person, working 48 weeks a year = saving approx £960 per person per year. Up to 20 people can join the program at a time as standard, saving  a total £19,200 per year.
Still got questions?
Then fill in the form below or schedule a meeting with us at 

Get ready for The Meetings Revolution

This is Team Clarity & Faster Decision-Making program the first and foundational course in the Effective, Empowered and Evolving Teams series

It builds the Role Clarity, ownership and initiative and decision-making protocols which are essential pre-requisites for effective meetings

Once your team has completed this program, it will then be ready to bring these new ways of working to revolutionise painful meetings to become more productive and motivational in 6 steps in 3 months, in the next course in the series called The Meetings Revolution

If your team already has these foundations in place, for example by starting to adopt some parts of Holacracy or other self-organizing practices, then it may be ready to go straight into The Meetings Revolution.  Check it out here, or get in touch to talk to us if you are not sure. 

Welcome to the 


Series of Online Programs

Over the last 35 years we have been studying, working in, training and consulting with teams in many different contexts and have learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t.
We’ve identified 9 foundational team practices drawn from many different practices such as Holacracy and self-organizing which equip teams to adapt to today’s Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous world, in these 3 areas:

Making Teams more Effective 

  • Role Clarity
  • Decision-Making protocols
  • Team members transparently organising their own work so they can be more accountable to each other

Empowering Team members

  • Each team member taking ownership for sensing, tracking, owning & processing issues to fix or improve things
  • Team members owning more decisions using Role Clarity and Distributed Authority
  • Making collective decisions more effectively with clear decision-making processes which include multiple views, harvest collective intelligence and avoiding endless discussion

Building Teams that can Adapt & Evolve

  • Clear and easy ways to update roles to adapt the organisation structure in small steps in response to changes in the world
  • Tensions distributed and owned
  • Using all of the above to building team resilience