About Nick Osborne

I am an Ethical Entrepreneur shifting paradigms about how we work together


Through over 30 years of experience in private, public and non-profit sectors; as an employee, manager, freelancer, entrepreneur, volunteer, business partner; with organisations including Shell, the UK National Health Service & Extinction Rebellion; Nick has been on a profound organisational journey. He began pushing the boundaries of management when a summary of his Management MSc thesis ‘An Inquiry into Corporate Social Responsibility and New Paradigm Thinking’ was published in the book Management Models for Corporate Social Responsibility in 2006. He travelled through the conventional management hierarchy, took a deep dive into collaboration and consensus and explored agile/responsive/teal/conscious practices of self-management and self-organising systems; founding Evolving Organisation in 2012.

After becoming the first Certified Holacracy Coach in the UK back in 2015, Nick spent nearly 4 years as the only European-based partner with HolacracyOne; specialising in delivering training and consulting, certification and developing learning resources for Holacracy. He continues to work with HolacracyOne as an Assessor on the Holacracy Certification Program, and Evolving Organisation is a Licensed Provider of Holacracy services in the UK. In 2023 Nick became the first (and currently only) Holacracy Master Coach in the UK. This has provided Nick with a deep understanding of the principles and practices of self-management, self-organisation and self-organising systems in different contexts.

Nick seeks to catalyse the transition to a way of thinking, being and living which addresses, rather than contributes to, today’s challenges. His work upgrades the way we learn, collaborate and run our organisations to enable better fit for the volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous conditions of the 21st century. He sees this as essential for a sustainable human presence on Earth and for supporting the evolution of healthy human cultures. He lives in Somerset, South West England and loves surfing, walking in wild places and sleeping under the stars.