Holacracy replaces the outdated management hierarchy or chaos of structurelessness with a dynamic, flexible and adaptive way of running organisations. Get support to adopt it from the UK's Premier Provider of Holacracy services. 
Whether you are new to Holacracy, or already practicing and looking to improve your practice and deepen the powershift- we have something for you!
Here’s a set of curated resources about Holacracy from the most basic 2-min introduction to a near 2-hour podcast, links to over 50 articles in the Holacracy Practitioner’s Guide and how to adopt  or adapt Holacracy step-by-step with our Self-Organization Adoption Program. 
What is Holacracy? 2 mins

One way of describing Holacracy is a way of running organisations without managers.

The management hierarchy is removed and replaced by a rule-set which applies equally to everyone, where there are no privileged classes, no exceptions; and no person has person power/authority over another person or the system itself.

This creates the conditions for a power shift so that self-organisation emerges.

Why Holacracy? 5 mins

Purpose driven: so that purpose is visible and aligned at every level of scale: from organisational purpose - team purpose - individual purpose.

Responsive: everyone in an organisation senses different things, so they need multiple pathways to turn their challenges and opportunities into improvements so the organisation can respond quickly to a fast-changing environment and maintain agility as it scales.

Transparent: Clearly defined roles, responsibilities and power structure creates clear expectations and transparent authority at every level.

Summary of the Holacracy Book- in 5 mins

For a quick overview of Holacracy as a self-organizing system. 

Why Holacracy is a Rule-Based Self-Organizing System- 4 mins

An excerpt from our Self-Organization Adoption Program, this video describes 3 different approaches to self-organization beyond hierarchy and why Holacracy is a rule-based system. 

Why all these Rules & all this Structure? 26 mins

People have mixed reactions to discovering that this approach to Self-Organization involves a clear set of rules; ranging from surprise > resistance > relief. This video is a long one, but if you are curious about and/or resistant to 'why rules?' then it's worth the watch and includes:

  • the role of rules in organisations which are not Self-Organizing
  • rules in different varieties of Self-Organization
  • turning power upside down
  • why rules?
  • organizing without organizers
  • rules & the power shift.

This is a free preview of one of the units on our Self-Organization Adoption Program.

Introductory Webinar- 1 hour

Podcast about Holacracy

1hr 46 min total. 

Article Collection

Over 50 articles and counting. Helpful introduction, guides, tips & more from the infamous HolacracyOne Master Coach Chris Cowan. 

Who is Practicing Holacracy? 

It's impossible to know how many organisations are using Holacracy because not every Holacracy-powered organization publicises their practice, all of the companies in this map have asked us to share!

You can also see a list of these organisations on this page of the  HolacracyOne website with more details. 

If your organisation is practicing Holacracy and you would like it to be included on this list and map, you can add your details via this form

How to do it? Adopt or Adapt? Are you Ready?

Holacracy is best introduced into your organisation in small steps, so that new practices can be learnt, embedded and built on each other. 

Our affordable online Holacracy Adoption Program delivered in partnership with HolacracyOne as part of their suite of online Holacracy Courses will enable you to either adopt or adapt Holacracy in a flexible way, at your own pace. 

But before diving in- do you know that your team/organisation is ready for it? If not then introduce them to the basics with our Understand Self-Organizing program, and then take our Readiness Assessment to see how ready your team/organisation members really are.