Drop-in Monthly Group Coaching


Drop in to this group coaching call. Bring your questions about how to:

✔  Get more Team Clarity & Faster Decision-Making
✔  Revolutionise your meetings
✔  Adopt new self-organizing practices beyond hierarchy
✔  Adopt or adapt Holacracy
✔  Or anything about making your teams more effective, empowered and evolving.

WHERE: Online  


WHEN: 1st Wednesday of every month 12:00-13:00 UK time



        • Up to a max of 6 people can join, so there should be at least approx 10 mins coaching time per person, plus ‘side-door coaching’ learning from others’ questions and answers.
        • One of our expert Evolving Organisation coaches will be there to answer your questions. You can meet them here.

Cost £30 per session- first one is free
Book now as there’s only 6 places per month

If you want to join the first one for free then let us know below and we will give you booking details

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Fair Pricing Policy

We want our programs to be affordable for everyone, everywhere. 
Our standard prices are for profit-making organizations in the industrialized world.
If these prices are too high due to where you live in the world, or because your organization is not-for-profit or just starting or another reason, then get in touch to let us know what you would consider a fair price for your situation and why, and we’ll consider it ⚖️