Collaborative Tools & Trainings for Self- Organising Teams

Tools for Role Clarity, Tension Processing, Tasks Management & Effective Meetings


GlassFrog is a software that enhances organizational clarity, agility, and alignment. It enables companies to use a dynamic, role-based organizational structure to facilitate clear and effective decentralization. GlassFrog helps everyone know who does what, who makes which decisions, what constraints must be honored, and how to propose organizational changes.

GlassFrog then harnesses the resulting clarity to offer AI-driven guidance that understands your company’s unique context, policies, and goals, thus empowering every employee to lead their roles and drive change like a world-class executive.



Holaspirit is a software platform that enables organizations to implement self-management practices, including Holacracy and it's varieties, a management system based on self-organization and distributed authority.

It provides tools for creating and managing circles, roles, and meetings, as well as tracking progress and making decisions. Holaspirit also offers features for communication, collaboration, and documentation.


Nestr is a collaboration platform for any self-organised organisation. It offers support for your governance, collaboration and communication. It goes beyond just meeting and governance support and has powerful configurable tools for distributed project management, peer-to-peer feedback and cross team collaboration.

And let 'Netradamus' - their AI assistant - help you and your team in craft proposals, set priorities, summarise conversations relevant to your roles and process tensions. All in alignment with your governance and strategies.



Role-Up is an intuitive online tool to organize roles and responsibilities in your team and organization. In Role-up, teams create roles with clear accountabilities and delegate them to team members. Role-up provides a dynamic map of all teams in your organization.

Role-up helps you scale your organization and provides an up-to-date view of all teams, team members, Roles, and responsibilities.



Peerdom is an org chart software that helps you visualise and describe roles and who is responsible for what. It is compatible with team-based organisational structures including classical reporting line pyramids, Holacracy, Sociocracy, BetaCodex, or Rendanheyi models but doesn't force you to follow a particular organisational dogma. It is a simple, intuitive, and flexible alternative to complicated role mapping tools and can be tailored to your organisation's specific needs via Peerdom Apps.

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Training for Teams to Learn Self-Organizing Practices

team clarity and Faster decision making
Are you tired of your team struggling with unclear decision-making and ambiguous expectations wasting time and causing frustration - even though most team members are doing well enough individually?
We equip Underperforming Teams to transform wasted time and frustration into Team Clarity & Faster Decision-Making in 3 steps in 3 months. 

Do you lose the will to live in meetings and leave wishing you had spent the time on real work instead?

We equip teams to make painful meetings more productive and motivational in 6 steps in 3 months.

So that every team member:
  • Gets what they need from every meeting
  • Supports others to get what they need from every meeting
  • Leaves inspired to take their clearly documented next steps.

Holacracy Training

Holacracy v5  Adoption Program

If you are ready to adopt self-management with Holacracy, this 5-course series guides your team to implement the Holacracy modules that you need.


Holacracy Online Training Courses 

Hosted by HolacracyOne, the organisation that created the Holacracy method, this is a series of of online courses designed to teach teams that are practicing Holacracy the fundamentals of Holacracy practice so they can practice Holacracy better.