Here's what people are saying about working with us

  • I wonder what we would have done if the program wasn’t here- we would probably be doing a version of Holacracy that doesn’t really work.
  • I would highly recommend Nick's program to any senior management team, or team, that simply wants to work better and get more done; and be happier in the process.

  • I'm honestly not sure what we would have done without Nick and his amazing program! We'd always had big aspirations of establishing self-management in our organisation and supporting everyone to step into their power, we just hadn't quite worked out how to do this in practice.

    This program, along with Nick's insight, wisdom and guidance, has really helped us make these aspirations a reality.

  • Sometimes you hear something and you think you understand it.

    But then you hear it explained in a different way or context and suddenly you realise you'd not really seen or understood the full picture.

    I feel like that about this point.  So yes I'll review the video again and keep thinking about this and then incorporate it into the training for our organization.  You're right, I don't think people are really getting this point in our organization.

  • The program has been designed really thoughtfully and systematically. Nick introduces a few key practices every month. These practices are relevant for all organisations wanting to raise their game. 

  • Over time these practices have had a transformative impact not just on us as an organisation but they have also empowered us as individuals to really step into our roles and contribute to co-creating the organisation. 

  • The practices are creating the conditions for true distribution of authority and empowerment to emerge - something I've never experienced before and which feels really radical and liberatory.

  • I can't recommend Nick and this program highly enough!

  • Leading an organisation is hard. Nick's program, coaching and guidance has made it easier. We have shifted attitudes and behaviours so that everyone now plays their part in leading the organisation. That's everyone now doing something when they spot there's an opportunity, a risk, an issue, or a grumble.

  • Everyone's managing their tasks better, and there's more trust and less need to maintain oversight as a result. We're becoming a more mature organisation, and I'm finding my job, and my work relationships, much more pleasurable as a result.

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