Create the Self-Organization Commitment

Nick Osborne

This unit contains text which can be used as a template for the Self-Organization Commitment. This can be:

  • introduced to people during the Exploratory Meeting
  • and, if their team is a 'Go', then they are asked to indicate their commitment before the start of the adoption

Then you can copy this text into your own document that you use for it and ask people to ✓and add their names to.


Like all good things in life, the shift to self-organizing practices is a journey which involves personal effort with ups and downs. Therefore, before any team starts the self-organization adoption process, the existing Team Lead and all team members are invited to sign this Self-Organization Commitment as a way to confirm you have understood something about what is involved and to express your willingness to participate in the adoption process.

I confirm that:

  • I have watched the Introduction to Self-Organization video and completed the Readiness Assessment survey

  • I am open to trying out new ways of working by adopting self-organizing practices

  • I will raise questions/issues/frustrations as they arise to resolve them early

  • I will prioritize attending any Self-Organization workshops over all other work where possible

  • I will complete surveys as required to assess progress (however boring it may get!)

  • I will do any training required

  • I understand that if I don't keep to this commitment, then my team/circle may not be able to continue with the adoption of self-organizing practices.

Name: .......................... Date: ..........................


  • [   ] ✓this box to confirm that you are committing to the above.