SUMMARY: Article 1 of the Holacracy Constitution

Nick Osborne

This unit includes a 1-page summary of Article 1 of the Holacracy Constitution, which is what this Foundations part of the Self-Organization Adoption Program is built on.

At this stage in the program, the invitation is only adopt or adapt the first article of the Holacracy Constitution: Organizational Structure. If you do this, you may then want to consider which article/s to adopt or adapt next. 

It's necessary to start with this first article as the Foundation; after that, articles can be adopted in any order (it's not necessary to follow the order in the Holacracy Constitution).

What Does it Mean to Adopt Article 1 of the Holacracy Constitution? 

The Organization will break down and organize its roles and work using the structure and rules defined in Article 1 of the Holacracy Constitution. This article defines all the basic Holacracy structural terms, including Roles and Circles, and the elements of each: Purpose, Domains, and Accountabilities. It also gives the basic responsibilities that come with a Role assignment, including breaking down work into Projects and Next-Actions. 

Here's a 1-page summary of the key points of this article, the new Self-Organizing Practices involved and where they have been covered in the program so far.