Software for Self-Organizing

Nick Osborne

There are a number of software platforms to support self-organizing. This is a short overview of options for:

  • organising work into roles/circles/projects
  • organising people with agreements

Because each of these contexts is fundamentally different (see here for why), different processes and tools are needed for each one. 

Software for Organising Work into Roles/Circles/Projects

If you are going to adopt Holacracy, we recommend GlassFrog since it has the rules of the Holacracy Constitution baked into it's software, and the platform will actually support your Holacracy practice in countless ways.

Even if you aren't going to fully adopt it, you may still want to use GlassFrog to support Role Clarity and some of the other features of Holacracy. This article explains how: 


Other Options for Organising the Work

If you are not going to adopt Holacracy and you are going to adapt it, then here's some other options which do use Roles/Circles but don't limit you to the rules of the Holacracy Constitution and so are more customisable: 

Or you can go even more freestyle and use software that isn't designed for self-organizing, but which can be used for it to share role definitions and projects etc. and which may fit with your existing systems: 

For Organising People

Here's a software platform called Murmur that is dedicated to helping people self-organize by making agreements with each other, and where the process for making agreements is built into the software to make it easier and clearer.