VIDEO PRESENTATION: Session 1- Introduction to Tribe Space Meetings (17 mins)

Nick Osborne

The People Context (also sometimes called the People Space) is the aspect of organisational life that is to do with:

  • how people show up as people, not limited to their roles, and which recognises the personal preferences, values, needs etc of the people involved in an organisation
  • inter-personal relationships between people and any relational agreements they make to support their working together the relationship between the people and the organisation- employment contracts, operating agreements, typical conventional HR issues.

And one way of working with some of these aspects is to think of having a 'Tribe Space' which is where people show up with each other outside of roles; and Tribe Space meetings in which people address what is coming up in their relationships with each other and the group dynamics, which are not to do with any specific roles, but more likely to be to do with the people who are filling the roles. 

The rules of the Holacracy Constitution aren't designed to address this aspect of organisational life; so this is why a space with some different processes are offered in the Tribe Space to do so. This unit introduces the concept of Tribe Space and some practices which will be introduced in the Tribe Space Meeting #1 to support healthy relationships.

These Tribe Space practices are drawn and adapted from a broader body of work about sustainability in human relating called Matrix Leadership, with permission and thanks: