READING for Session 4- How Differentiating Feedback can foster Collective Intelligence

Nick Osborne

This unit includes 3 excerpts from a book on Matrix Leadership about the links between differences, ways they are dealt with in groups and how a particular way of working with them can liberate the dormant collective intelligence of a group. (As at Dec 2021 this is still in draft form, due for publication in 2022). It includes 3 parts: 

  1. How systems evolve through the surfacing and processing of differences
  2. Transform the way we see differences; from threats to resources
  3. Outline of the Matrix Group Dialogue Process; which beings these insights into a structured process for bringing many different voices— with different perspectives—into connection. It creates the capacity for the system to diverge or gain access to its different intelligences. 

With many thanks to Amina Knowlan of the Matrix Leadership Institute for permission to share this.