Dilan Fernando


Dilan leads the implementation of Holacracy within Animal Think Tank, where he serves as a senior leader and holds numerous roles, including roles as a Circle Lead and Facilitator. 

He first tasted the possibilities of Self-Organising when he served as Media Lead at Animal Rebellion, where he saw volunteer teams achieve wonders when given strong structures and support. He has since trained as a Self-Organisation coach with Evolving Organisation and completed HolacracyOne's Facilitator Fundamentals training. He has also trained in progressive management practices with the likes of the Matrix Leadership Institute, The Hum, Navigate, Martin Grimshaw and Rakesh Rootsman. 

Previously, Dilan lived in Australia, where he worked in Marketing at National Australia Bank. He co-founded Young Voices for Animals, where he created a youth leadership program and Australia’s first Youth Animal Rights Conference. He also founded the Monash University Vegan Society and helped revitalise Melbourne’s animal protection community by organising one of its largest mass protests of the 2010s. In the Australian anti-poverty movement, Dilan was a pioneering member of Monash SEED and a coordinator at Oaktree.  

Dilan holds Bachelor degrees in Commerce and Economics from Monash University in Australia, and studied abroad at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. He is a Vipassana meditator, a digital minimalist, and takes pride in deepening his consciousness through modalities like family therapy and Jungian shadow work. In his leisure time Dilan enjoys playing the guitar, coming to terms with the fact that he likes going to the gym, and grimacing at the state of the Sri Lankan cricket team.