Amina Knowlan


Amina cofounded Matrix Leadership in 1990. She has been facilitating groups and trainings for over 30 years. She considers herself a social artist and works as a trainer, facilitator and consultant. She also offers team, executive and life coaching to individuals, partnerships and teams. She was a trainer for the Hakomi Institute of Body-Centred Psychotherapy for 15 years and an owner/practitioner in Wellspring, Partners in Health (a holistic medical clinic) for 15 years.

She is passionate about creating new models of leadership and group life in organizations and communities that move beyond hierarchical and mechanistic assumptions of separateness, to realize functional interconnection and support sustainable life on earth. Her recent organizational clients include small, medium and large corporate businesses; healthcare organizations; city governments; schools and non-profits. She also works internationally in partnership with the Institute for Coaching in St. Petersburg, Russia, and in Sydney, Australia with Veldhoen and Company.

 In community contexts, she incorporates somatic, energetic and intuitive approaches as well as dance, movement, voice, art and practices of mindfulness into her work. Amina has two adult children and lives in the beautiful mountain foothills of Boulder, Colorado.