Christiane Seuhs-Schoeller


I have been an entrepreneur, an international business consultant, and a coach for most of my professional life. After decades of working for and within traditional business structures, I co-founded two self-organized entities: encode.org, offering models, rules, and methodologies for distributing authority and ownership in a purpose-driven business; and Evolution at Work, guiding personal and organizational journeys into self-organization. For more than a decade I have been an active participant within a growing global community in the new world of work, power shift, and self-organization. I have been called a pioneer and thought leader in this category, and, as a result,  I am frequently approached by individuals on my business trips to Europe, USA, Asia, and Africa with questions about self-organization and the transformational personal journey it triggers. 

Following the call of my own personal purpose—“the unification of love and power”— I explored and experienced the enormous potential that lies in letting go of our old stories and inviting new stories to emerge from the unknown. These experiences ultimately led me to writing my book "New Stories of Love, Power and Purpose; A Global Invitation to Experiment With the Unknown" (to be published in May 2022). In this book I invite readers to experiment with the question, “what becomes possible when we act from unified love and power in service to purpose and the more-than-human world?”.

You can see me share a bit about this in my TEDX talk below.