Floris Hammer


I help organizations that desire to move beyond the traditional management hierarchy. By using structured forms of self-management (such as Holacracy), I help you make the leap to a next stage in development. Organizations I work with become more oriented towards purpose, unlocking the huge potential and creativity of liberated and inspired people. I am a licensed Holacracy Coach and certified Integral Coach.

Inspired by numerous life-events, career-experiences and an expanding consciousness, I am passionate about the evolution of individuals, organizations and humanity. I believe we are on the verge of a collective breakthrough and I feel called to contribute to that, bringing my own presence, experience and gifts to the organizations and people that cross my path. Integral philosophy, Reinventing Organizations and Spiral Dynamics are some of the sources of my view on personal and organizational development.

Before starting as an independent consultant/coach, I was a consultant and manager in Accenture's Health and Public Service division in Amsterdam for four years. I lead projects on analytics and data science. I made a six-month trip through Africa following my work in water management and diplomatic service for the Dutch Government in The Hague and Tokyo.

Master of Science degree in Physics and Astronomy (Cum Laude). Fifteen years working experience in various parts of the private and public sector, consulting, IT (data science) and international experience. I speak Dutch, English, German, Japanese and some French.

Empathic and intuitive heart combined with a strong analytical mind. Other passions include meditation/yoga/tantra, space (science, travel, technology), development/integral philosophy and nature (landscapes, mountains, vastness). I live in Rijswijk and co-parent my daughter (8).