Rules of Cooperation


Program Contents

Module 1 Getting Started-
Unit 1 If this is your First Time with Us  
Unit 2 How to Rate your Progress  
Module 2 Introduction to Rules of Cooperation (1hr)-
Unit 1 Introduction to the Rules of Cooperation (8 mins)  - Preview  
Unit 2 Duty of Transparency (9 mins)  
Unit 3 Duty of Processing (7 mins)  
Unit 4 Duty of Prioritization (20 mins)  - Preview  
Unit 5 Understanding Checklists (5 mins)  
Unit 6 Understanding Metrics (10 mins)  
Module 3 Using the Rules of Cooperation-
Unit 1 Why don't People use the Rules of Cooperation? (8 mins)  - Preview  
Unit 2 Flowchart with Pathways for Processing Tensions  
Unit 3 Cleaning Up Communication (Opinions/Pitches/Requests/Decisions...)  
Module 4 Making the Rules of Cooperation Stick-
Unit 1 SUMMARY: Rules of Cooperation in the Holacracy Constitution  - Preview  
Unit 2 HOMEWORK: for the Rules of Cooperation  
Unit 3 PROGRESS CHECK: for the Rules of Cooperation  
Unit 4 GET HELP: from a Coach  

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