Governance Process

This part of the Self-Organization Adoption Program covers the essentials of what you need to know and put in place to adopt/adapt the Governance Process article of v5 of the Holacracy Constitution.

See the Program Outline and Free Previews to the left for more details of the content. 


Program content includes short videos (typically 5-15 mins) along with some 1-page summaries, curated articles, instructions for homework and optional extra content for those who want to dive deeper. See the Program Outline to the left for more details, and check out some of the content in the Free Previews. 


This is one part of a modular package of 5 Parts of the Self-Organization Adoption Program each covering 1 article of v5 of the Holacracy Constitution so that you can adopt it one step at a time at a pace that suits your situation

See here for details of all 5 parts of the Program

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