Program Contents

Module 1 Introduction to Self-Organisation-
Unit 1 High-Level Overview (10 mins)  - Preview  
Unit 2 1-Page Summary  
Module 2 3 Patterns in Organisations: Hierarchy, Collaborative & Agile-
Unit 1 Introduction to 3 Patterns (3 mins)  - Preview  
Unit 2 Creating Culture (12 mins)  - Preview  
Unit 3 Working with Power (12 mins)  
Unit 4 Finding Fit (9 mins)  
Unit 5 Getting Things Done Together (15 mins)  
Unit 6 Discovering Direction (11 mins)  
Unit 7 Learning & Lasting (11 mins)  
Module 3 The Informal Collaborative Approach-
Unit 1 Introduction to Conscious Collaboration Workbook & Diagnostic  
Unit 2 Signpost to Effective Collaboration Online Course  
Module 4 The Agile, Rule-Based, Power-Shifting Approach-
Unit 1 What is Rule-Based Self-Organizing? (4 mins)  
Unit 2 Holacracy: A Framework, Not A Blueprint (6 mins)  - Preview  
Unit 3 Why all these Rules & all this Structure? (26 mins)  
Module 5 Holacracy: a Rule-Based Self-Organizing System (up to 3hrs)-
Unit 1 Holacracy Intro & Overview  
Module 6 Differentiating Role & Soul-
Unit 1 Why it's Important that People & Roles are Different (5 mins)  
Unit 2 Understanding the Differentiation of Role & Soul (50 mins)  
Module 7 Bonus Content-
Unit 1 Software for Self-Organizing  
Unit 2 Interactive Tour of Self-Organization (approx 45 mins)  
Unit 3 Additional Explainations of Terms (7 mins)  
Unit 4 Interactive Conscious Collaboration map  
Unit 5 Integrating DAO's & Holacracy (8 mins)  - Preview  

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