Understand Self-Organization Online Course

Nick Osborne


Learn what the terms Self-Management & Self-Organization mean, what they look like in practice and how to start the journey or deepen your practice.

What is self-management, how is it different from self-organization and self-organizing systems? Is it better to adopt a pre-packaged self-organizing system or make up our own version? What needs to be considered in the shift and how do I know how to start the journey in my organisation?

Are these questions familiar? Understand Self-Organizing is an online course which will help you answer those questions and more.

Start the Journey or Deepen your Practice

There's a lot of hype, misunderstanding, experimentation, mistakes and bad practice in the search for new ways of working. People try new things without adequate understanding or preparation; often defaulting back to old habits because the experiments don't work, so they get disillusioned and give up.

In this course you will be introduced to key concepts and distinctions in this new world of work. You'll see how these apply in practice in organisations with examples. And if you are considering starting the journey to self-organization, then you'll be introduced to options for how to get going and find which approach would work best for your situation.

This course will help you...
    • define the key terms self-management, self-organization, self-organizing systems and why they are different and not just jargon
    • understand distinctions between 3 types of power structures in organisations: concentrated/shared/distributed
    • see what the differences between these power structures mean in six key areas in organisations: creating culture, discovering direction, working with power, finding fit, getting things done and learning & lasting
    • access templates for a wide range of collaborative tools and processes (group agreements, conflict resolution, collaborative meeting agendas, deciding purpose & many more) which support conscious collaboration
    • learn about the Conscious Collaboration model as a way to create your own custom ways of self-organising
    • hear stories of real examples of self-management and self-organization in practice
    • discover different approaches to building the foundations of self-organization
    • use a diagnostic to find out which options are most likely to work best for your organisation to start the journey to self-organization
    • identify questions about how to do this in your organisation, which are answered in future courses or by joining a Monthly Coaching Call.

What's included
    • 7 short videos (approx 1hr 15 mins in total)
    • a downloadable handbook about the Conscious Collaboration model
    • access to 3 interactive Prezi presentations, 2 of which are narrated
    • a diagnostic tool to help you identify which power structure could best fit your organisation
    • in total over 5 hours of content, organised into 4 modules with bite-sized units for easy access and progress.

Your Instructor
Nick Osborne

With over 25 years experience self-organising in private, public and non-profit sectors; employed, freelance, as an entrepreneur and volunteer; with organisations including Shell, Learning and Skills Improvement Service and the Princes Trust; in the UK, Europe, North and South America Nick is now distilling his Nick Osbornelearning about collaboration, self-organization, self-management and self-organizing systems into this suite of online courses.

He was the first Certified Holacracy Coach in the UK, is the only European-based  partner at HolacracyOne, is a partner with Evolution at Work, has an MSc in Management Development  & Social Responsibility and co-led the development of the Self-Organising System for the Extinction Rebellion UK.

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