Self-Directed Program
Whole Package £1,500

This package gives you access to all 5 parts of the Self-Organization Adoption Program which includes: 
  1. A guided 7-month program to follow, or you can just follow at your own pace
  2. On-demand, online videos & digital resources- All the content shown in the program outlines (Shown Left/or Below) 
  3. New practices drip-fed & designed to build on each other
  4. Homework instructions to practice & embed learning
  5. Step-by-step instructions to learn new practices to adopt each article of the Holacracy Constitution
  6. A parallel program for running Tribe Space meetings to foster trust and psychological safety
  7. A parallel program of personal & professional development to support learning new self-organizing practices
  8. Additional workshops/coaching sessions/facilitated Tactical & Governance meetings may be purchased as needed

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  • Price is for 1-10 people from a single organization. 1 person registers, then you will be sent a link so others from your organisation can register

  • Contact us if you want to register more than 10 people from the same organization for discounted prices

  • This gives access to the online materials for 1 year

  • 30-day full-refund if you are not fully satisfied.

Fair Pricing


Our standard prices are for profit-making organizations in the industrialized world.

If these prices are too high due to where you live in the world, or because your organization is not-for-profit, then get in touch to let us know what you would consider a fair price for your situation and why, and we’ll consider it.